Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists

The council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists is, responsible to the Board of Directors for issues such as;

  • Controlling and assessing the quality, including the pertinence, of the medical, dental and pharmaceutical acts performed in the centre;
  • Assessing and maintaining the professional standards of the physicians, dentists and pharmacists practicing in the centre;
  • For making recommendations on the professional aspects of the appropriate distribution of medical and dental care and pharmaceutical services, and on the medical organization of the centre;
  • For carrying out any other function entrusted to it by the board of directors.


Dr. Suzanne Levitz, President and representative to Medical Executive Committee of CIUSSS
Dr. Rubin Becker, D.P.S.
Dr. Joseph Raffoul


Dr. Fredericka Abcarius, Family Medicine
Dr. Marcel Baltzan, Pneumology
Dr. Rubin Becker, Geriatrics/Internal Medicine
Dr. Daniel Benaïm, Family Medicine
Mrs. Iris Dayan, Chief Pharmacist
Dr. Anna Demanins-Towers, Family Medicine
Dr. Roger Ghoche, Family Medicine
Dr. Jack Glay, Radiology
Dr. Thomas Jagoe, Pneumology
Dr. Linda Klein, Family Medicine
Dr. Suzanne Levitz, Family Medicine
Dr. Marvin Nathens, Radiology
Dr. Mark Palayew, Pneumology
Dr. Jospeh Raffoul, Internal Medicine
Dr. Michael Rotaple, Pneumology
Dr. Nathalie Saad, Pneumology
Dr. David Small, Pneumology
Dr. Terry Smith, Pneumology
Dr. Golda Tradounsky, Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Wiseman, Dentist
Dr. Norman Wolkove, Pneumology
Dr. Edouard Yeghiayan, Radiology


Dr. Parissa Charghi, Family Medicine
Dr. Allan Finesilver, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
Dr. Michael J. Kalin, Family Medicine
Dr. Morton Kapusta, Rheumatology
Dr. Thomas Kohn, Dermatology
Dr. Grace Ma, Family Medicine
Dr. H.T. Nguyen, Family Medicine
Dr. Ancuta Pepelea, Family Medicine
Dr. George Polson, Family Medicine
Dr. David Prupas, Family Medicine
Dr. Genevieve Richer, Family Medicine
Dr. Norman Sabin, Family Medicine
Dr. Peter Small, Immunology/Allergy
Dr Stefanie Thomassin, Family Medicine


Mrs. Joelle Amselem, Pharmacist

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