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Mount Sinai Hospital is pleased to offer our employees a bilingual, multi-cultural working environment which promotes professional and personal development through on-the-job and off-site educational and training programs.

As a McGill University affiliated hospital, Mount Sinai provides unique opportunities to professionals interested in pursuing careers in Respiratory Care (both in-patient and out-patient), Palliative Care, Long Term Care and a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services.

The spotlight is on patient-centered care.

Mount Sinai Hospital uses an Interdisciplinary Approach to health care – an invaluable method of providing the best care possible to our patients.

This approach, which is based on “Patient-Centreed Care,” applies teamwork to take a “global view” of each patient’s medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

The contribution of each team member is considered to be of equal importance. In this way, the patient benefits from the expertise of each health care specialty and the vast experience of our staff. Better communication and information exchange within the team greatly facilitates patient-related problem-solving, and also allows the staff to gain a diverse knowledge of other practitioners on the team, which ultimately translates into better patient care decisions.

In order to maintain the well being of its staff, Mount Sinai offers an Employee Assistance Program and a staff health educational program.

Mount Sinai Hospital subscribes to the Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies.

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