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Refund policy

The transactions are in Canadian dollars. For any reimbursement or cancellation, please contact the finance department at 514-369-2222 ext. 1134.


Please note that all ensuing bank charges are the responsibility of the Auxiliary Mount Sinai Hospital. There are three ways that donations may be made by credit card. A donation may be made directly to the Auxiliary following the receipt of a reply coupon authorizing payment by credit card. A donation may be made by telephone directly with the Auxiliary office. Finally, a donation may be made online via our secure website. Before issuing a refund, we will first verify the transaction in our computer system and also check with the company that processes our credit card donations. We will communicate to you the results of the verification and, if the refund is to be issued, the date of issuance. The refund will only be issued on your credit card and cannot be issued by cheque.


  • When the transaction is due to an error made by the Auxiliary.
  • When the donor has made a donation on the web site and has done so by mistake. The following restrictions apply:
    1. The donor must advise the Auxiliary by email, mail or telephone, within 30 days following the transaction.
    2. The income tax receipt has not yet been issued by the Auxiliary. If the donor has received a tax receipt from the Auxiliary for the donation in question, that tax receipt must be returned to the Auxiliary before a refund is issued.
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