Asthma and COPD Management Centre

Patients are referred for a pulmonary consultation with a pulmonary specialist for :

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Suspect Asthma
  • Suspect COPD (FEV1 less than 50%, recurrent exacerbation, symptoms out of proportion for disease severity or rapidly progressing)
  • Diagnosis, determination of disease severity, medical treatment and follow-up.


Patients are referred for comprehensive management and education with a nurse clinician.


Mount Sinai Hospital’s COPD Management Centre has several objectives to help patients who suffer from this disease:

  • To provide appropriate diagnosis and management by pulmonary specialists (physicians and nurses), objective assessments of the severity of the disease, treatment and ongoing follow-up.
  • To provide extensive education programs, which will lead patients to self-management of their disease as well as independent living with optimal quality of life. We offer a multi-faceted program including symptoms, triggers, medications, prevention, action plan, etc.
  • To ensure effective control of COPD by encouraging a partnership among patients, physicians and other health professionals through treatment and education programs.
  • To ensure the recognition of the symptoms and worsening of this disease by patients and families.
  • To raise awareness of patients, health professionals and the public that COPD is a serious chronic disease.


  • Diagnostic pulmonary function testing with referral from family physician
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling.
  • Assessment for Pulmonary Rehabilitation and/or a Therapeutic Fitness Program.
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