The teleconferencing program for pulmonary rehabilitation was launched on January 16, 2017. As a result, Mount Sinai now offers a decentralized eight-week program to regional hospitals anywhere in Quebec, via the secure and free telemedicine system. Its format is the same as that of the outpatient program. The educational component and the muscle-strengthening component (half of the 60 minutes of exercise) are offered by our team through the telemedicine system. The cardio-vascular component, whether on stationary bicycle, treadmill or supervised walk, is supervised by the local team. These patients benefit from the same follow-up after pulmonary rehabilitation as the patients who come to Mount Sinai Hospital, and are seen after one, three, six and twelve months via the Telemedicine system.

Via the same system, we offer tele-consultation across the province, thus offering support to primary care physicians and specialists in managing their more complicated COPD patients.

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